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February 12, 2016 Categories: Multithreading. No Comments on Thread States

In this article we will learn about different thread states along with an example program that demonstrates thread life cycle.


Life cycle of a thread refers to all the actions or activities done by a thread from its creation to termination. A thread can be in any one of the following five states during its life cycle:

  • New: A thread is created but didn’t begin its execution.
  • Runnable: A thread that either is executing at present or that will execute when it gets the access to CPU.
  • Terminated: A thread that has completed its execution.
  • Waiting: A thread that is suspended because it is waiting for some action to occur. For example, it is waiting because of a call to non-timeout version of wait() method or join() method or sleep() method.
  • Blocked: A thread that has suspended execution because it is waiting to acquire a lock or waiting for some I/O event to occur.


The life cycle of a thread is illustrated in the following diagram:




The state of a thread can be retrieved using the getState() method of the Thread class. The syntax of this method is as follows:


Thread.State getState()


The getState() method returns one of the values in State enumeration. The constants in State enumerations are:

  1. NEW


Below example demonstrates the use of getState() method:



Output for the above program is:


Child thread: Thread[First Thread,5,main]
State: NEW
Main thread is waiting…
First Thread: 1
First Thread: 2
First Thread: 3
First Thread is terminated
Main thread terminated


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