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February 17, 2016 Categories: Multithreading. No Comments on Thread Groups

In this article we will learn what is a thread group? How to work with thread groups in Java along with example program.


A thread group is a collection of threads. A thread group allows the programmer to maintain a group of threads more effectively. To support thread groups Java provides a class named ThreadGroup available in java.lang package.


Some of the constructors available in ThreadGroup class are:


ThreadGroup(String group-name)

ThreadGroup(ThreadGroup parent, String group-name)


After creating a thread group using one of the above constructors, we can add a thread to the thread group using one of the following Thread constructors:


Thread(ThreadGroup ref, Runnable obj)

Thread(ThreadGroup ref, String thread-name)

Thread(ThreadGroup ref, Runnable obj, String thread-name)


Following are some of the methods available in ThreadGroup class:

  • getName() – To get the name of the thread group
  • setMaxPriority() – To set the maximum priority of all the threads in the group
  • setMinPriority() – To set the minimum priority of all the threads in the group
  • start() – To start the execution of all the threads in the group
  • list() – To print information of the thread group and the threads in the group.


Below program demonstrates the use of thread groups in Java:



Output of the above program is:


First Thread belongs to the group: Group A
Maximum priority of Group A is: 8
Second Thread belongs to the group: Group A
Maximum priority of Group A is: 8
First Thread:1
Second Thread:1
First Thread:2
Second Thread:2
Second Thread:3
First Thread:3
All the threads in the group will be stopped
java.lang.ThreadGroup[name=Group A,maxpri=8]
Thread[First Thread,5,Group A]
Thread[Second Thread,5,Group A]


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