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March 1, 2016 Categories: Applets. No Comments on Applet Tag

In this article we will learn about the applet tag and its various attributes along with description of each attribute and sample HTML code.


applet Tag Attributes


Following are the various attributes of applet tag:

  • code: Used to specify the name of the applet class.
  • codebase: Used to specify the location at which the applet code (class) is available.
  • width: Used to specify the width of the applet display area.
  • height:¬†Used to specify the height of the applet display area.
  • name: Used to specify the name of the applet which is helpful in distinguish one applet from another when there are multiple applets in the same webpage.
  • hspace: Used to specify the horizontal space to the left and right of the applet display area.
  • vspace: Used to specify the vertical space to the top and bottom of the applet display area.
  • align: Used to specify the alignment of the applet display area with respect to other HTML elements.


Above listed attributes are the most frequently used attributes of the applet tag. Below is sample HTML code using some of the attributes specified above.


<applet code=”MyApplet” codebase=””

height=”300″ width=”400″


hspace=”20″ vspace=”20″>



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