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March 11, 2015 Categories: Core Java Basics. No Comments on Recursion in Java

This article explains about recursion in Java. We will learn what is recursion and how to use recursion to write effective Java programs.


Recursion is a famous way to solve problems with less lines of code. Many programmers prefer recursion over iteration as less amount of code is required to solve problems using recursion.


A method calling itself in its definition (body) is known as recursion. For implementing recursion, we need to follow the below requirements:

  • There should be a base case where the recursion terminates and returns a value.
  • The value of the parameter(s) should change in the recursive call. Otherwise, this leads to infinite loop.


Let’s consider the code for finding factorial of a number using iteration as shown below:



Now, let’s consider the recursive solution for finding the factorial of a given number which is shown below:



The complete Java program which demonstrates recursion is given below:



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