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April 30, 2015 Categories: Core Java Basics. 1 Comment on Command Line Arguments

In this article we will learn about what a command line argument is and how to access and work with the command line arguments in Java.


Sometimes we might want to pass extra information while running a Java program. This extra information passed along with the program name are known as command line arguments. These command line arguments are separated by white spaces.


Command line arguments can be accessed using the string array specified in the main function’s signature. For example, if the array name is args, then the first command line argument can be accessed as args[0] and the second command line argument can be accessed as args[1] and so on.


Let’s look at the following Java program which access two command line arguments, adds them and displays the result to the user:



Command line arguments are specified as shown in the below screenshot:




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It’s not working in netbeans IDE .
Please make a video on it in the netbeans IDE.

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