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In 1989 a small group of people led by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) proposed the idea of World Wide Web(WWW) where the scientists across the world can share scientific documents irrespective of the underlying equipment. In 1991 WWW was practically implemented and released to the public.


The basic units of information in the WWW are documents or pages or resources. The documents contain text known as hypertext. Hypertext is text which can link to other documents on the Web. Primarily the documents shared through Internet using WWW used to contain text only. Later, images, audio, video and other forms of content were also included. This collection of content in a document is known as hypermedia.


World Wide Web and Internet same or different?

It is important to know that the Internet existed even before WWW was invented. Internet is a collection of computers and other devices which allows them to communicate with each other. WWW is a collection of software and protocols available on almost all of the computers in the Internet. Internet was useful through telnet, FTP, mailto and other protocols even before the invention of WWW. WWW just made it easier to access the services through Internet.

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