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09/03/2015 Categories: PHP. No Comments on Control Statements in PHP

Control statements in PHP are used to control the flow of execution in a script. There are three categories of control statements in PHP: selection statements, iteration / loop statements and jump statements.



Selection statements


The selection statements in PHP allows the PHP processor to select a set of statements based on the truth value of a condition or Boolean expression. Selection statements in PHP are if, if-else, elseif ladder and switch statement.


Syntax of if is given below:



Syntax of if-else is given below:



Syntax of elseif ladder is given below:



Syntax of switch statement is shown below:



The labels for case statements can be either an integer, double or a string. The default block is optional. If the break statement is absent, the following cases will also execute until a break statement is found.


Iteration or Loop Statements


The iteration statements in PHP allows PHP processor to iterate over or repeat a set of statements for a finite or infinite times. Iteration statements supported by PHP are while, do-while, for and foreach.


Syntax of while loop is given below:



Syntax of do-while loop is given below:



Syntax of for loop is given below:



The foreach loop is used to iterate over array elements and its syntax is given below:



Jump Statements


The jump statements available in PHP are break and continue. The break statement is used to break the control from a loop, take it to the next statement after the loop  and continue is used to skip the control from current line to the next iteration of the loop.

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