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A form is a collection of GUI controls like textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons etc which allows the user to send data to the server. After entering the data into the form, a special program is used to process that data. Such programs are called as form handlers.


Inserting a Form


To insert a form into the web page, we can use the <form> tag. The syntax for the <form> tag is shown below:


<form action=”url_to_send_data” method=”get/post”>


The action attribute is used to specify the formal handler as a URL. The method attribute is used to specify how the data is sent to the server. Valid values for method attribute are GET, POST etc… The <form> tag supports the following attributes:




Form Controls


Control Name Description Output/View on Web Page
Field Label Used to provide textual labels for form fields.Syntax:<label for=”id_of_related_tag”>text_label</label>  28-field-label
 Text Field Allows the user to submit single line of text.Syntax:<input type=”text” id=”id_of_field” value=”initial_value”size=”size_of_field” maxlength=”max_characters_allowed” />  29-text-field
 Password Field Allows the user to enter sensitive data which is rendered as asterisks or small dots.Syntax:<input type=”password” id=”id_of_field” value=”initial_value”size=”size_of_field” maxlength=”max_characters_allowed” />  30-password-field
 Radio Button Allows the user to select a single option in a set of available options.Syntax:<input type=”radio” id=”control_id” name=”group_name” [checked=”checked”]value=”value_if_selected” /> Descriptive Text for Button  31-radio-buttons
 Check Box Allows the user to select multiple options in a set of available options.Syntax:<input type=”checkbox” id=”id_of_field” [checked=”checked”] value=”value_if_selected” />  32-check-boxes
List Box or Combo Box Allows the user to select one or more options in a list of available options.Syntax:<select id=”id_of_field” size=”items_to_show” [multiple=”multiple”] ><option>Option 1</option>

<option>Option 2</option>

<option>Option 3</option>


 Text Area Allows the user to enter text as input in multiple lines.Syntax:<textarea id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field” cols=”number_of_columns”rows=”number_of_rows”></textarea>  34-text-area
 Hidden Field Allows the user to send data across multiple pages without actually displaying the data in the browser.Syntax:<input type=”hidden” id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field”value=”value_of_field” />  No Ouput
 Button Allows the user to display a custom button in the web page.Syntax:<input type=”button” id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field”value=”text_for_button” />  35-button
 Image Button Provides the functionality of a normal button along with an image.Syntax:<input type=”image” id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field”src=”url_to_image_file” />  36-image-button
 File Field Allows the user to send a file as an attachment along with other data in the form.Syntax:<input type=”file” id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field”size=”display_size_of_field” />  37-file-field
Submit and Reset These UI elements provide control mechanisms for submitting the data in the form to the handler and for resetting the controls in the form.Syntax (Submit button):<input type=”submit” id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field” [value=”text_for_button”] />Syntax (Reset button):

<input type=”reset” id=”id_of_field” name=”name_of_field” [value=”text_for_button”] />

 Fieldset Used as a container for grouping related form elements.Example:<fieldset><p>Gender: <br /><input type=”radio” id=”gender” value=”male” /> Male <br><input type=”radio” id=”gender” value=”female” /> Female</p>


 Legend Provides a caption for the fieldset.Example:<fieldset><p><legend> Gender </legend></p>

<input type=”radio” name=”gender” value=”male”/ > Male <br /><input type=”radio” name=”gender” value=”female” /> Female</p>



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