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12/10/2013 Categories: Case Studies. 19 Comments on UML diagrams for railway reservation system

Railway Reservation System

Use case diagram

railway reservation system use case diagram

Class diagram

railway reservation system class diagram

Sequence diagram

railway reservation system sequence diagram

Collaboration diagram

railway reservation system collaboration diagram

Statechart diagram

railway reservation system state chart diagram

Activity diagram

railway reservation system activity diagram

Component diagrams

railway reservation system component diagram 1

Components in View Classes package

railway reservation system component diagram 3

Components in Controller Classes package

railway reservation system component diagram 2

Component in Data Classes package

railway reservation system component diagram 3

Deployment diagram

railway reservation system deployment diagram

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Thanks! These seem to be pretty basic which is really nice. I was looking for more Activity Diagram for Railway Reservation System (UML) Do you have more examples or does this cover all of them?

thank you so much, it was very useful to me

why we are not attaching line in component in controller class package

    Well, the controller classes (components) are linked with their respective view classes. In general controller classes might not have any dependencies (arrows) among themselves. So, no lines.

    kyunki tu kar nhi sakta

thank you so much for your advise

    Shut up

      u shut up!!!

thanks it is help me to complete my college work…….

Thank you for the excellent post

is object diagram there in this ?

Can you please provide the entire question for this

    Hi Rakshith, what do mean by entire question? The question will be like draw the UML diagrams for railway reservation system.

On the use case diagram how the fill from function includes canceling ticket ??? I think it should be extend not include


    The meaning of the include in this case is, cancelling a ticket requires filling a form functionality. So that is why include is given. Well, to be correct, the arrow should be from cancelling ticket to fill form, i.e., arrow head must point fill form use case. Thanks for bringing this up.

I like your comments

Best UML teaching!!!!!

Very easy and understand the uml diagrams

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