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12/10/2013 Categories: Case Studies. 16 Comments on UML diagrams for library management system

Library Management System

Read the following documents/reports to understand the problem statement, requirements and other necessary things related to the Library Management Application: Doc1, Doc2, Doc3, Doc4, Doc5, Doc6

Use case diagram

library management system use case diagram

Class diagram

library management system class diagram

Sequence diagram

library management system sequence diagram

Collaboration diagram

library management system collaboration diagram

Statechart diagram

library management system state chart diagram

Activity diagram

library management system activity diagram

Component diagram

library management system component diagram

Deployment diagram

library management system deployment diagram

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Thanks for the examples! I have also found a great Use Case Diagram for Railway Reservation System (UML) through Lucidchart and it is very helpful! Check it out!

i don`t found theory about the diagram

kindly provide same for student information system also

Thanks, it is very informative

Kindly provide examples for package diagram.

thank you!!

Librarian cans add/delete/edit book and search books from the database. Members can Borrow reserve
and return the book. They can search books also. Members would be fined 0.10$ on Overdue and they
have to pay entire amount if they have lost the book. Members are of two kinds. VIP members can
request book at home and they can also order Books which are not present in library, the library also
has CD, DVDs and multimedia items which only VIP members can have access to them. Non VIP
members can register a form and apply for VIP Membership by paying some extra amount, Search
function gives the information of books branch wise. User can search books by title and Several other
criteria, The feedback system allows users to give feedback and comments about the book which is returned.

Please give Use case and activity diagram

this course is in my first year of bca.
i think it is of higher level.
in which year do you guys have this course?

Can you apply these diagrams bellow to any of this projects, or should I change them? I am about to do similar to Doc1. Thank you!

    The diagrams provided in this web page are generic. You should add/remove/modify different elements based on your project requirements.

thank you very much!

easy understood for diagram

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