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14/06/2014 Categories: Lab. No Comments on Introduction to Rational Rose

Rational rose tutorial:

  • ROSE stands for Rational Object-oriented Software Engineering.
  • Rational Rose is developed by Rational Corporation which is under IBM.
  • Rational Rose is a tool for modeling software systems.
  • Rational Rose supports UML.
  • Rational Rose is a tool that supports round-trip engineering means a tool that supports conversion of a model to code and from code to a model.

Rational Rose Interface:

Rational Rose Interface

Menubar: The menubar consists of several menus like the file menu, edit menu, view menu etc. All these menus contain several options.

Toolbar: The toolbar contains the most frequently used actions like New, Open, Save etc…

Statusbar: The statusbar at the bottom displays status messages.

Browser Window: The browser window displays the views: Use Case View, Logical View, Component View and Deployment View. Each of these views contains the diagrams.

Diagram Toolbar: The diagram toolbar displays the symbols of the respective type of diagram.

Diagram Window: The diagram window is the place where the user draws the diagrams using the symbols from the diagram toolbar.

Log Window: This window is used to display error messages, warnings and information messages.

Documentation Window: This window is used to display the documentation related to the symbols and other aspects.

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