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19/04/2018 Categories: Python Programming. No Comments on Expression Evaluation in Python Programming

Introduction to Expression Evaluation


A Python program contains one or more statements. A statement contains zero or more expressions. Python executes a statement by evaluating its expressions to values one by one. Python evaluates an expression by evaluating the sub-expressions and substituting their values.


Literal Expressions


A literal expression evaluates to the value it represents. Following are some examples of literal expressions:



Binary Expressions


A binary expression consists of a binary operator applied to two operand expressions. Examples:



Unary Expressions


An unary expression contains one operator and single operand. Examples:



Compound Expressions


In a binary or unary expression, if an operand itself is an expression, such expression is known as a compound expression. Examples:



Variable Access Expressions


A variable access expressions allows us to access the value of a variable. Examples:



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