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08/09/2018 Categories: Cloud. No Comments on Openstack Devstack Currently Installed Pip Version 1 Error

Today when I was trying to setup the OpenStack cloud environment by using the file available in the Devstack, I encountered the following error:


/opt/stack/devstack/inc/python:213 Currently installed pip version 1 does not meet minimum requirements (>=6)


The above error is due to wrong use of ‘strip’ function in the code. To eliminate the above error we need to modify the following file:




Open the above file using the command given below:


sudo vim /opt/stack/devstack/inc/python


Navigate the file for the following lines of code:


pip_version=$(python -c “import pip; \


In the above code, replace the word strip with split. So, the above code becomes:


pip_version=$(python -c “import pip; \


Now, run the file again. Now, your error will be gone. 😀

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