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28/10/2019 Categories: IoT. No Comments on Bevywise IoT Simulator Installation

In this article we will learn how to install, configure and run Bevywise IoT Simulator. As there is no step-by-step guide for installing Bevywise IoT Simulator, I think this guide will help people to get started with it.


Bevywise IoT Simulator


Following instructions are for installing, configuring and running Bevywise IoT Simulator on Windows 8.1 system




Download and install Bevywise IoT Simulator on your PC or laptop


Setup and Configuration:


Let’s assume Bevywise iot simulator’s installation root folder as


C:\Program Files\Bevywise\IotSimulator


The above path will be referenced as <ROOT_PATH> in the rest of the tutorial


1) First place the license.dat file at the following location:




Note: You can obtain the license by directly contacting the Bevywise team


Note: If you are using a trial version then you can skip this step


2) Download and install MYSQL for windows from the following link:



Note: Download mysql-installer-community- whose size is approximately at least 415MB


3) Download the latest zipped version of wget from the following link:



Note: After downloading extract the zip to any location


4) Copy the location of wget.exe and add it to the MS Window’s PATH environment variable


Note: For clear instructions on how to add the location to PATH variable, refer this page and scroll to the end of the page


5) Download and install Python 2.7 from the following link:



Note: Don’t change the default location of installation while you are installing Python 2.7


Note: Also select “Add Python 2.7 to the PATH” option while installing


6) Open db.conf file at the location <ROOT_PATH>\conf\ and do the following:


Take care that DB_SERVER is set to MYSQL as follows:




Take care that MYSQL_PASSWORD is set to the password of MySQL root user which you will give while installing MySQL software which should be as follows:




Note: In my case it was 123456; Replace it with your MySQL password


Save the file and close it


7) Open command prompt and navigate to <ROOT_PATH>\bin\ and type the following:




When you hit enter, the above batch file will download the remaining necessary software from Internet


Running Bevywise IoT Simulator:


1) Open command prompt and navigate to <ROOT_PATH>\bin\ and type the following:




The above batch file will create a MQTT Broker and listen for connections


If runbroker.bat executes successfully you should be able to see the following messages in the command prompt:


MQTTRoute for Bevywise IoT Simulator
Bevywise MQTTRoute – Trial Version – expires on …
Starting MQTT Broker at port – 1883


Note: Don’t close the command prompt; Just minimize it


2) Open another command prompt and navigate to <ROOT_PATH>\bin\ and type the following:




The above batch file will run the IoT simulator and open a web page in the browser automatically with the following URL:



In the command prompot you will see the following messages:


Listening on port 12345 for clients..
Bevywise IoT Simulator 2.O – build 0219-003


3) To close the simulator do the following:

– Close the webpage
– Close the command prompts


That’s it! You have successfully configured and executed Bevywise IoT Simulator


For working with the simulator, you can use the following resources:


It took a bit of troubleshooting to get this Bevywise IoT Simulator up and running; As a token of appreciation you can either share this article using the social buttons or by commenting below


If any further help is required, don’t hesitate to comment below

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