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22/04/2016 Categories: Programming. No Comments on Basic Programming Terminology

Following are some of the basic terms every programmer should know before learning any programming language:


A language is a set of characters, words and associated grammar rules which is used for communication between two human beings either spoken or written. Examples: Telugu, Hindi, English etc.

Programming Language

A language which is used for communication between a human being and a computer. Human beings communicate with the computer by writing programs using a programming language. Ex: C, C++, Java etc.


A program is a set of instructions for solving a particular problem or let the computer perform operations for completing a task. Programs are written using programming languages.


The process of writing programs to instruct the computer do something is known as programming. Programming is done using programming languages.


A person who can write programs by using any one of the programming languages is known as a programmer. A programmer has the knowledge of using atleast one programming language for writing programs.


Software is a collection of programs. Generally software is developed for solving complex problems. A person who develops software is known as a software developer.

Suryateja Pericherla

Suryateja Pericherla

Hello, I am Suryateja Pericherla working as an Asst. Professor in CSE department at Vishnu Institute of Technology. I write articles to share my knowledge and make people knowledgeable regarding certain topics.
Suryateja Pericherla

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